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Croatia by Boat and lots of Foot, 2018

what is amazing here in Croatia is how many people have fruit trees in their yards

like the rest of the Adriatic, the water in this lake was turquoise blue. There were loads of butterflies too.

..I mean like GIGANTIC BUNNIES, the kind that reminds me of scene out of Monty Python's "Search for the Holy Grail" know which one i mean.

we took the cable car to the top of Mt Srd in Dubrovnik. This gave us a great view. Of course, LUNCH was involved and we were lucky enough to get seating under an umbrella.

St Lawrence Fortress, a MAJOR Game of Thrones location

a bird's eye view of Big Onofrio's Fountain in Dubrovnik...I cheated here and used a google photo...bad Leslie

while everyone was impressed by the priest's life story, i was impressed that I could eat FIGS RIGHT OFF THE TREE!!!!!

a very chatty guide lead to 2 sketches...

the beauty of sketching is that it definitely does not need to be exact. it is an impression.

eating and sketching a little more!

Dubrovnik, one of the main Roman exits and entrances to the city

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