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This is my studio, in the larger of the small bedrooms upstairs. So far I have moved into and out of 3 rooms in 26 years. I started in the "big" bedroom, which was too big, especially as I crammed myself in the corner: bad feng shui. So then i moved into the smallest room which worked for a while, until I started to accumulate too much stuff. More bad feng shui. Now I am in a room with better dimensions, smallish, but OK - and the feng shui is better. Could use better lighting however.

I like nice supplies, expensive supplies. And now that I have taken up oil painting I have a whole new way to spend vast amounts of money.

My preferred pastels are Sennelier, Schminke, and Unison which are nice and velvety soft. I use Rembrandt when I need a harder pastel. Oil paint is a learning experience, but I do like Sennelier especially (rich color), though I use Rembrandt too, Winsor Newton. I am also using Marimeri, a Italian brand, which I can buy in gigantic tubes, has nice rich color too and can use for the initial layers of a painting. I will need to compare them slowly.

i have 2 desks, at right angles to each other. Marc recently put up a shelf for me for my brushes, media, and stuff. I keep a spare computer monitor so I can work off my laptop (photos). Under the desk are boxes full of finished pastel paintings.

more stuff

my "millions" of books. There is not an art book I don't like and must have. I love to look at the pictures and aspire...and then I have drawers of more supplies: markers, pens, pencils, crafts supplies, glue etc etc

One of my 3 easels with a painting in progress on it. I shine one of my "day lite" lamps at the wall to reflect a gentle light.

some of my paints: (starter kit) Winton, Gamblin,Sennelier, Grumbacher, Rembrandt. But a few months ago I started accumulating LARGE tubes of Maimeri paint, from Italy. So I could paint ALOT and not worry.

nice tall tins make nice tall brush holders!

Actually, I could use another shelf system

just for books and sketchbooks..

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