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Why do I paint, draw etc? What do I want to say? art must say something on some level to the observer. It must have some aesthetic appeal.
THAT'S it. 
I am a New York State based artist, specializing primarily in pastel and oil paintings of landscapes and floral subjects. I have always been involved in art and craft, but on a very sporadic basis - until I discovered the beauty and immediacy of pastel. Since 2009 I have devoted myself to this medium and have received several awards. I have a certificate in Textile and Fashion Design from Southfields College (Leicester, England)and have studied watercolor with Karen Rosasco, pastel workshops with Robert Carsten, PSA-M, and Richard McKinley, PSA-M. My mentor for the last several years is  Edward Ticson, MFA of Sienna College (Loundonville, NY) who has successfully bullied me into adding oil painting into my repertoire (and I LUV it)
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